Dental Implant – General Extraction Video Transcript


Hi, I’m Linda Gettemy. I live in Fort Worth, and I come to Dr. Loe. I first started coming when he was in North Richland Hills, so even if you’re not from this area, if you’re willing to drive a little bit, it’s worth the drive. I’m a patient who is scared to death of the dentist, but the service and the caring I’ve gotten here is wonderful. I’ve had several implants done. I’ve also had to have extractions done. I have one of the thicker charts here. From the minute I walk in the door, Jodi starts talking to me about Nebraska because that’s where I’m from and so is she. She’s got family, so that starts putting me at ease. All the way through, Jackie checking me back out again, Jason stands and talks to me during all the procedures so that I get through it. It’s a wonderful experience, especially if you are a little bit of an afraid person, because they take very good care of you. It’s definitely worth the drive. If you’re in the area, come see Dr. Loe.

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