Facial Trauma Video Transcript

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We were out riding on Mother’s Day. My mom worked the night before, so we went to go the river bed, and we were about to head home, and I hopped on the quad for one last little quick tear down and back, and the accident happened on my way back. I went up over in front of the quad, and I slammed my face into the ground. I remember getting in, and he came in long before or whatever in the O.R. area to tell me everything was going to be good. Once I got sent back, I was in the prep area, and Dr. Bailey and Trina came up. You could see on my face I was terrified. I was making jokes, playing it off like I wasn’t scared at all, but I was terrified. Dr. Bailey grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye and said, “Son, don’t worry about this. I’ve done it many times. You’re going to have my best work.” After that, I sat back and went with it. In the operating room, he was the first person I saw, and next thing I know, I’m in recovery. That’s one thing that surprises everybody, from the guys I play ball with to people I work with – they’re like, “Man, this happened this year?” And I’m like, “Yeah, back in May.” I did get to go see my boss the day before to turn in paperwork, and he saw what what my eye looked like and he saw the whole section up there. He saw the swelling and he saw how bad it looked and just didn’t see it coming back fully together. I went and saw him the day Dr. Bailey released me to go back to work, and it’s like, people were amazed. I couldn’t get out of my office without people coming up and taking a look and complimenting how well the work looked. I even had some dental work done while I was off in that time frame, that even my dentist was in awe of how well he did. Every question I had, he graciously answered, and made sure he got them all answered. The first follow-up and the second follow-up has all just been an experience that words really can’t describe. I don’t think I could have been in any better hands than Dr. Bailey.

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