Jodi – North Tarrant Oral Surgery Service and Quality Video Transcript


Hi, I’m Jodi. I’ve been with Dr. Loe for over thirteen years. I’m the office manager here in the office. I originally started as an oral surgeon assistant, so I’ve seen every aspect of the office from one change to the other. The nice thing about the office is that we do have so many return patients that come back to the office. When patients come in, they don’t necessarily want to be here because of what they’re dealing with. Usually, when they come in, they have a problem or an issue, but when they leave, it’s so nice to see the end product of how wonderful everything has turned out for them. Our patients are always so friendly, and it’s kind of like a little family that we have worked with. Also, our staff has been together for such a long time that it’s kind of nice to see the return patients come back, and they know everybody. It’s just been a real nice, pleasant place to work.

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