North Tarrant County Oral Surgery Video Transcript

“Hello. I’m Dr. Fred A. Loe, oral and maxillofacial surgeon. I’ve been doing this work for thirty-some years, and what I like most about it is, we really have a way to make people confident and comfortable in their care.” “Here in our practice, we offer many services, such as wisdom teeth extraction, implants, and bonding exposure for orthognatic treatment. I love working with Dr. Loe because he’s great with his patients, and he’s very informative.” “I consider myself very lucky to work with Dr. Loe. He has great chair-side manner.” “Anyone who is in need of an oral surgeon really should stop in. Dr. Loe is very, very good, very knowledgeable. He’s an excellent surgeon. If you have any questions, he takes his time. He does not rush you in and out the door.” “I think my favorite part of my job is watching patients come in who are nervous, they’re frightened because, obviously, they know they’re going to have surgery. I think at our office, we comfort our patients, and I think seeing them leave after the surgery and even coming back, they’re happy.” “When patients come in, they don’t necessarily want to be here because of what they’re dealing with. Usually, when they come in, they have a problem or an issue, but when they leave, it’s so nice to see the end product of how wonderful everything has turned out for them.” “It starts here at the office. I still want to do as gentle and thorough a job as I’ve always done. I really want patients to do well. That’s what I get up every morning hoping to improve on every day.”

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