Oral Surgery Described Video Transcript



Hi, my name is Ann, and I’m from Haslow, Texas. For years, I decided whether or not to have cosmetic dental surgery due to a surgery I had that caused me not to have the healthiest teeth. About two months ago, I decided to look into it, found Dr. Loe, came and had a consultation, and it was the best choice I’ve made. He was very caring, understanding, knew exactly what I needed and what I was going through. The staff was wonderful. From the day that I walked into the door they explained, they helped. This is a choice I’ll never regret. It’s the best thing I did. Thanks to Dr. Loe and his staff, I have awesome teeth. If anyone’s needing to feel better about themselves, get that great new look, have healthy teeth in the Fort Worth Area, Dr. Fred Loe has to be the best.

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