North Tarrant County Oral Surgery Service and Quality Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Fred Loe, oral and maxillofacial surgeon. What I’d like to discuss is the things that we do and have done at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. I’ve been an oral surgeon for 30+ years – in fact, I’m a diplomat of the American Board of Oral Surgery. Originally, I was in the Air Force as an oral surgeon for a few years following my training. Oral surgery has changed, to the point that most of what we do can be done and handled in the office setting. It starts with the front of my office and the staff members that educate the patients, and we really do want to make them comfortable and have a good experience and have a good result. We do work to make people comfortable and pain-free. Our training has involved the treatment of trauma as well as orthognatic surgery. We emphasize the removal of impacted third molars, or wisdom teeth as they’re commonly called. We also do dental implants. We also do provide services so that the jaws and the mouth can be in a healthier, more aesthetic situation. We work in concert with your general dentist. We instill a lot of patient education, so patients can do well with their surgery. People come to me that are very nervous, they’re uncomfortable, they’re not glad to be here, and they’re nervous, and we do all we can to relax them. I’ve used my experience to make my patients have better lives and more comfort. What I like most about it is, we really have a way to make people confident and comfortable in their care, and I get up every day and think of the things that we can do that we couldn’t do when I first started that improves a patient’s quality of life, a recovery, and lets them have pain-free recovery if they just will follow some of the protocols and ideas and techniques. It starts here at the office. I still want to do as gentle, as thorough a job as I’ve always done, and I really want patients to do well. That’s what I get up every morning hoping to improve on everyday.

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