Paul Describes His Dental Implant Surgery



Hi, my name is Paul Escote, and I’m from Ft. Worth, Texas. I had two teeth fail, one was a permanent tooth and one was a bridge. I decided to seek out Dr. Loe. He explained the procedure and how to put dental implants in. The entire process was painless. I like the fact that he is a former military officer. I liked how he explained everything in detail, great detail to me. It’s just been a remarkable experience. Being someone who doesn’t like to have dental work done and fearing doctors and dentists, I felt very at ease here, made my experience well worth the investment. Everybody was joyful in the office, pleasant, very good experience all around. I’m just overly satisfied with the results that I have on my teeth. If someone were to ask me, from Plano, from Mesquite, from anywhere outside the metroplex, anyone inquired about dental implants or where to possibly get dental implants, I would certainly recommend Dr. Loe.

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