Wisdom Teeth Explained Video Transcript

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Wisdom teeth are a naturally occurring tooth that can be symptomatic due to infection. They can cause damage to the teeth around them, or occasionally for a cyst or a tumor. We remove these on patients routinely, from ages twelve to ninety-eight years old. Usually, we seen young adults or teens for wisdom teeth removal after they’ve had orthodontic therapy or if they’re considering orthodontic therapy, or if these teeth are just hurting as they start to erupt. In older people, we see them usually for pain, or a cyst or tumor development around them. They can be removed at any age, and we encourage you, if you’d like to talk about this, to come in in-person. It’s a procedure that we usually perform under IV sedation. Most people are quite comfortable throughout the procedure, and, after a short recovery time, are back on their feet. Quality of care in my practice is very important to me. I have an RN on staff who assists me in every surgical procedure with administration of drugs, starting of IV anesthetic, and is there for any emergency situation that might arise.

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