Wisdom Teeth Extraction Video Transcripts


Hi, my name is Karen, and I came to Dr. Loe’s office probably about two, maybe three, weeks ago. It was a referral from my mom, and I had to have a wisdom tooth removed. I have to tell you that Dr. Loe will make you feel very, very comfortable. I feel like I’ve been coming to his office for years, because he made me feel just that comfortable. His mannerism is just so perfect. He’s very laid-back, he’s patient, he will answer all your questions in terms that you understand. Anyway, I went in for my procedure, and everything went perfect. Everything that he said that was going to happen did happen. So if anybody in your family needs to have a wisdom tooth removed, I say to come to Dr. Fred Loe. He’s definitely the guy, and his staff here is just beautiful. They really care about you. They smile all the time, and they’re just beautiful people.

I recommend Dr. Fred Loe.

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