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What are wisdom teeth?

After all of the primary adult teeth have developed, many teens and adults develop a third set of molars called wisdom teeth. These are the last teeth to grow in the mouth and can provide valuable chewing forces if developed correctly. However, many times these teeth do not have the room to grow properly and require removal. Dr. Glenn Green offers safe and comfortable wisdom teeth removal at his Fort Worth, TX, practice, to help reduce and eliminate some of the potential health concerns.

Some wisdom teeth may grow sideways into the second molar while others only partially emerge from the gums. Some wisdom teeth remain trapped beneath the gum and bone and the patient may not even know that they are present. This can cause a variety of problems including:

  • Bacterial growth
  • Periodontal disease characterized by swelling, stiffness, tenderness, pain and even bad breath in the mouth
  • Dental crowding/shifting, as the wisdom tooth pushes against the second molar and disrupts the natural alignment of teeth
  • The development of cysts and tumors, resulting in the destruction of the jawbone and healthy teeth

The removal of wisdom teeth can usually resolve or eliminate these problems before they present themselves. We recommend early removal to avoid problems and to decrease the surgical risk involved with the procedure.

Your doctor will perform a thorough oral exam supplemented by X-rays and at times 3D scanning to determine the presence and position of your wisdom teeth.  All of your options for tooth removal will be presented and discussed in order to develop a surgical plan that you feel comfortable with. We offer a variety of sedative options to ease any pain or anxiety during the procedure, such as nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, and general anesthesia.

Our team is readily available to address any concerns prior to your procedure and to ensure that you receive the highest level of post-operative care possible to ensure optimum recovery time.

Where can I have wisdom teeth removed near Fort Worth?

At North Tarrant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, our surgical staff maintains a state-of-the-art oral surgical facility where patients can have wisdom teeth removed in a safe and comfortable environment. Dr. Glenn Green proudly serves all of Tarrant, Wise, and Parker counties including Saginaw, Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, Watauga, Grapevine, Trophy Club, Keller, Lake Worth, Boyd, Decatur, and more.

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