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After all the primary adult teeth have developed, many teens and adults develop the third set of molars called wisdom teeth. These are the last teeth to grow in the mouth and can provide valuable chewing forces if developed correctly. However, many times these teeth do not have the room to grow properly and require removal. Dr. Glenn Green offers safe and comfortable wisdom teeth removal at his Fort Worth, TX, practice, to help reduce and eliminate some of the potential health concerns.

Recovery Time After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After wisdom tooth extraction, some pain, swelling, and discomfort are common. In many cases, the recovery period lasts just a few days. You’ll be prescribed painkillers by your oral surgeon. You will also be sent home with instructions on how to properly care for your mouth and teeth. Adhering to all directions given is crucial.

Recovery varies depending on numerous factors, including age, how well you care for your mouth, and whether you follow your oral surgeon’s directions. Gently biting on gauze can periodically help soak up blood, while an ice pack will reduce swelling.

Care After Surgery

There are plenty of methods to ensure recovery time is easier. For starters, plan on taking a few days off from work or school; patients typically return to normal activities after the first day. This varies depending on the person, though.

You may need to avoid brushing, flossing, or rinsing for the first 24 hours. Afterward, you may gently, very gently brush your teeth. Rinse your mouth using salt water frequently to help prevent an infection and keep the wounds clean.

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